Herbs for Sinus Infection

Under the cheeks the nose and the eyes areas that can sometimes be infected by bacteria. At one point in your life, you might have felt like there is a boxing glove somewhere on the upper side of the nose. That feeling of too much pleasure up the nose is known as the sinus infection. This form of infection can be treated in several ways. In recent years, botanical medicines have been seen to be the ultimate solution to numerous illnesses including sinus infection. In this article, we will be looking at herbs for sinus infection.

Herbs for Sinus Infection

About Botanical Medication

Since times in memorial, man has been using herbs as a remedy for various illnesses. The good thing about herbs is that they are chemical free and their side effects to the body are very limited. It has been discovered that a number of herbs can be used against sinus infection to relief the inflamed tissues and ease the pressure. Some of these herbs are good in boosting the body’s immunity keeping away illnesses. Moreover, various other herbs have therapeutic properties that they tend to concentrate on the body’s diverse systems. In this sense, the healing properties of herbs are exceptional and their use is beginning to take root in the world of medicine again.

Various Herbs Used Against Sinus Infection

Goldenseal plant which is scientifically known as Hydrastis Canadensis has to be used in the treatment of sinus infection since the 1980s. Since then, this plant has gained reputation due to its ability and efficiency to treat sinuses. In herbal medicine, this plant also gained a reputable position and its wide use shows that it has numerous therapeutic properties that surpass those of many other known plants. The plant has immunostimulatory and antibacterial properties that are made possible by the existence of a high concentration of berberine. These properties make goldenseal one of the best herbs for sinus infection.

Allium sativum also was known as garlic has Sulphur compounds which provides it with antimicrobial properties. These naturally existing Sulphur compounds make it possible for garlic to inhibit many pathogens from attacking the body while at the same time preserving the essential intestinal flora. Garlic is also known to be one of the best herbs that help in the support of the respiratory system. Through its antimicrobial activities, it is able to work on sinus infection and eliminate it from the body.

There also exists other herbs that are very beneficial but rarely get used. Salvia officinalis also known as Sage is one plant that has medicinal value but is seldom used in the United States. Its reputation originates from its use in Europe by herbalists. Its taste is mildly pungent but pleasantly aromatic. Moreover, it is equipped with microbial properties. In Europe, it was used on adults as a herbal gargle. With such properties, this herb makes it one of the best in relieving sinus infections.

Another good herb with antiseptic properties is Thymus Vulgaris famously known as thyme. It was discovered in the middle ages and widely used due to its medicinal value. It has carvacol and thymol aromatic oils that provide the plant with respiratory relaxant, expectorant, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Its therapeutic benefits are very important to the respiratory system it is able to combat bacteria and virus while at the same time being an immune system stimulant. This makes it a good remedy for a cough. Phlegm expulsion is efficiently promoted through the use of thyme by increasing its fluidity. All these properties are relevant in aiding the treatment of sinus infection.

Diaphoretics have also been used for a long time in the treatment of sinus infection. They help in relieving congestion and easing inflammation. When drunk hot you can reap their full benefits. Through releasing the materials, diaphoretics are some of the best herbs that help to eradicate sinus infection from the body. Some of the diaphoretics used include linden flower, lime blossom, honeysuckle flower, boneset leaf and yarrow flower among others.


The medicinal value of herbs has always been unmatched. There exist herbs for almost all the ailments just that the medicinal value of most of them has not yet been discovered and exploited. For a long time, sinus infections have been a disturbance to people but always herbs have been used as its solution. Relieving the inflammation and eradicating the bacteria causing sinus infection has always been done effectively with the use of a number of herbs. The herbal way is one the best way to treat sinus infections.